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Buffalo Jump Races Held in Ulm


Ulm, Mont.- The 8th Annual Buffalo Jump Run was held on Saturday, May 17th.  Race distances of a Half-Marathon (13.1 miles), a 6.2 mile, a 2 mile, and the Pishkin Gauntlet (trail run of just less than 3 miles) were contested.


In the half marathon, Jeff Bobick of Black Eagle was the overall men’s champion, while Melissa Flaten, of Highwood, won the women’s division.


The winner of the 6.2 mile race was Megan Morris of Great Falls.  Her time of 45:55 was the fastest for the distance.  Claude Weidow, also of Great Falls, won the men’s division.  Jen Weir won the 2 mile race in a time of 18:37.


The Pishkin Gauntlet trail race was won by Nathan Thomsen in 21:53, while Doreen Caquelin, of Stanford was the women’s winner in 22:38.


“It was a successful day of racing for all of those that participated”, commented race director Bill Brist.  “The weather was less than ideal, yet all of the runners did a fantastic job with their performances.  I know that everyone in attendance would have enjoyed better conditions, but it was inspiring to watch the determination of the runners in such adverse weather.  Rain, Wind, Sleet and even a few flakes of snow fell on the runners, and yet they were all so upbeat.”


The start and finish of all the races were at the Pishkin Buffalo Jump State Park.  Below are the complete results of the races, which were organized by the UGF Track and Cross Country teams.




8th Annual Buffalo Jump Run – Ulm, Mont.


Half Marathon

Jeff Bobick                          M            Black Eagle                          1:37:56  (Male Overall winner)

Colin Maas                          M            Great Falls                           1:46:43  (Male Masters winner)

Frank Bobick                      M            Sun River                             1:53:07

Melissa Flaten                   F              Highwood                           1:57:27 (Female Overall winner)

Tara LeVeque                    F              Ulm                                        2:05:43  (Female Masters winner)

Pam Iyer                              F              Fort Collins, CO                 2:07:31

Daniel Barthelmeh          M            Great Falls                           2:12:33

Brianne Bughman            F              Vaughn                                2:12:55

Ron Claver                          M            Great Falls                           2:15:53

Frankie Bobick                   F              Black Eagle                          2:24:40

Kaycee Milligan                 F              Great Falls                           2:26:05

Tyler Weir                           M            Great Falls                           2:29:05

Barb Albro                           F              Great Falls                           2:29.25

Donna Vinnedge              F              Great Falls                           2:34:12

Tim Tharp                            M            Sunburst                              3:01:11


6.2 Mile

Megan Morris                   F              Great Falls                           45:55     (Female Overall winner)

Claude Weidow                M            Great Falls                           50:27     (Male Overall & Masters winner)

David Fleming                    M            Great Falls                           50:30

Olivia Stead                        F              Billings                                  52:32

Clare Gallaher                    F              Arlington, VA                     54:52

Christa Sprout                   F              Cascade                               1:01:46

Julia Streib                          F              Boulder                               1:06:15  (Female Masters winner)

Theresa Schreder            F              Great Falls                           1:12:44

Donna Sims                        F              Great Falls                           1:15:22

Jeannie Wohlfrom           F              Helena                                  1:17:20

Gina Vincent                      F              Sun River                             1:34:19

Avey Beckhofer                  F              Great Falls                           1:34:19

Jerry Ferderer                   M            Great Falls                           1:44:07

Louise Mitchell                  F              Great Falls                           1:51:00


2 Mile

Jen Weir                              F              Great Falls                           18:37     (Female Overall winner)

Becky Cushing                   F              Grass Range                       19:55     (Female Masters winner)

Sue Gollehon                     F              Fairfield                                22:10

Kyle LeVeque                    M            Ulm                                        24:48     (Male Overall winner)


Pishkin Gauntlet Trail Race

Nathan Thomsen             M            Great Falls                           21:53     (Male Overall winner)

Doreen Caquelin              F              Stanford                              22:38     (Female Overall & Masters winner)

Rick Caquelin                     M            Stanford                              22:39     (Male Masters winner)

Megan Lee                         F              Great Falls                           23:03

Karla Vanderploog           F              Clovis, NM                          23:09

Juan Torres                         M            Great Falls                           23:39

Bobbie Lee                         F              Great Falls                           27:10

Kimberly Seavart              F              Ulm                                        28:24

Chase LeVeque                 M            Ulm                                        28:54

Aubrey Matoon                F              Great Falls                           29:47

Renee Miller                      F              Great Falls                           31:09

Kristina Bollinger              F              Great Falls                           34:49

Chasyn Seavert                 M            Ulm                                        34:59



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